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At TechLemon Ltd we create immersive experiences through the newest technologies. With a focus on educational games, we seek through the act of play to bring knowledge as well as awareness of the impact we have on our environment. We specialize in AR and VR Design and Optimization, Graphics, Immersive Video/Media and App Design/Development. Learn more about our previous games at our TouchDown Creations website.

TechLemon - The company behind Dodo Adventures

About Our Games

Since climate change is a very complex problem, people often feel like they are not able to contribute. VR experiences help to give a sense of how individuals behaviours directly influences the well-being of the environment. 

Research at Stanford University has shown that VR experiences can have a more lasting impact on behaviour than watching a video or reading texts.

The images show different stages of Dodo Adventures and it’s current state. Feel free to click on the image and enlarge it.

How we Do it

Before After Dodo Adventures Tropic Scene SketchDodo Island Mountain VR

Our games purpose is to give insights into the human impact on planet earth as a form of time traveling and transformation. Our design sprocess starts with sketching. Below are aome demonstrations of how the scene looked in the paper and how it is looking in the game engine after the final materials and textures.


Dodo Adventure Series is an effective educational tool that helps to inspire strong empathy towards animals. VR experience takes visitors on a journey where they can see the invasion of habitat through the eyes of a dodo bird. This is an excellent conversation starter for different topics: animal rights, invasive species, climate change, extinct animals, conservation and the role of museums including the history of colonization.

The embodiment (the connection between the real person and their virtual avatar) can influence self-identity and behaviours. For example the researchers found that regardless of participants' own BMI, those using thin avatars showed increased physical activity compared to those using obese avatars. Also participants that perceived their avatar as more obese than their virtual opponent showed decreased physical activity in the real world while playing the game.

Source:  Jorge Peña et al. I Am What I See: How Avatar and Opponent Agent Body Size Affects Physical Activity Among Men Playing Exergames, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (2016). DOI: 10.1111/jcc4.12151

Besides being a crowd pleaser, recent research has shown that using VR experiences can have a longer and more positive impact on changing behavior than using videos or articles. For example, a research group at Stanford University has been experimenting with influencing behaviour through VR experiences, particularly around environmental issues. They have had a more lasting impact with immersive games than watching a video or reading texts. In one experiment participants could get a real feel of cutting down the tree, after which their paper consumption dropped by 20 percent and started to prefer recycled paper products. Whilst watching a video or reading an article about deforestation also heightened awareness of paper waste for a day, for those with VR experience those effects continued into the next few weeks and researchers hypothesize it will be a fairly permanent shift. Same applied for the participants in coral reef experiences. 


We cannot change the past, we cannot reverse what humans as a species have done to other species. But we can interact with our present and think about our future. Dodo Adventure is a small time capsule that helps us understand how we can be better, looking at the past in the present time. Technology helps us in an educational as well as entertaining way to see, hear and feel. The first step to learn is to ask, to generate the spark of curiosity that leads us to the next question.

Story-based VR games offer an opportunity for deep emotional engagement, which in turn can lead to positive changes in the behaviour. It is also something that users crave after the novelty of escaping to VR world has worn off. 

For example Malcolm Burt from Queensland University of Technology has been researching what consumers want from VR entertainment experiences. He found that even with advanced immersive technology, people still hunger to be told stories, but most of the current offerings are over-reliant on technology alone as a way to attract participants to these experiences.

The Dodo experience addresses the story-driven approach to biodiversity and sustainable development, enabling the user to experience positive behavioral change in immersive audiovisual gaming experience. We are animals.

Yes, it's a non-violent game with soft language and children-friendly content. It is important to notice, that since there are no long term studies on the possible impact of VR headsets, most headset manufacturers have set a 13+ age rating. 

User Testing Dodo Experience
User Testing Dodo Experience

Dodo Adventures is a single player game.

You need a VR headset and 2 controllers. Suitable headsets are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Sony's PlayStation VR. Currently the standalone VR headsets are not suitable for this game.

Our Team

Our production team is called “Team Lemon”. Team Lemon is from all over the world, but the main development happens in Finland. Juho Kastemaa (the founder of TechLemon). Juho is responsible of the project and distribution. Please, feel free to contact Juho for any business enquiries. Juho’s email address is: juho (at)

Juho Kastemaa photp

Juho Kastemaa

Founder, M.Sc. in HCI

Nature conservation and immersive game development. Guitar playing and ceramics

Aune Lillemets

Aune Lillemets


Marketing strategy Educational programme design Social entrepreneurship

Gurunath Sarvankar

Gurunath Sarvankar

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Ella Palosaari

3D Modelling

Visual artist. Low poly 3D modelling

Elio Messina

Elio Messina

Music Producer

Music and sound design

Perttu Iso-Metsälä TechLemon Oy board member

Perttu Iso-Metsälä

Advisor / Board Member

Advisor / Board Member
Tech Specialist

Andres Martin

Andres Martin


Search Engine Optimization. Website Optimization. Graphic Content. Marketing Research. Metal Guitarist

Ilmari Ihalainen

Ilmari Ihalainen

Game Designer Intern

2D illustration and drawing. 3D models with FBX. Testing Dodo Adventures with Oculus Rift

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